Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello Final Year, Hello everybody!! =)
It seems like a year left for here at IIUM...ameen...
At the first day entered Kulliyyah of Engineering, I felt a strong aura to be more energetic, full focus and act like a lion on the dessert! haha...dreaming... =)
Well, I felt nervous and wanted to have a good final year then.
InsyaALLAH, with all my friends with me here hopefully everything will be helpful.
And the ONE and ONLY is YOU, Ya Rabbal 'Izzati...

ROBOTICS!!! This subjects was being my aimed when I applied to be Mechatronics Student in my 2nd year.
Finally, I am in the class with Dr. Mozasser teaching us.
Well, INTRODUCTION always bored because everything was so thereotical to be understood with all the definitionssssssssss....argh! Well in the same time I knew they will be used surely into futher discussions of the lecturer..

BRAIN!!! I mean my mind is still wandering around at Kuching Town.
3 months without lecture BOOKS and without LECTURER and without ASSIGNMENTS, QUIZZES, MID TERM, FINAL EXAMS...grrr...well, its the first time for me having a very long vacation...
I mean "vacation"...haha with my industrial training of course =D

TOUNGE!!! tounge was so jammed, so slow and I felt like a kid that still in learning process to talk with people...?
Yeah, it happened every semester at the 1st week after I came back from my home town.
I just remembered at the moment my visiting lecturer, Dr. Roslizar, came visit me at SIRIM Sarawak almost 12 weeks I've been training there.
How could I manage to switch my mother tounge so sudden?
Hopefully, it would not affected my presentation that much...huhu T_T

RENOVATION!!! Yes, it was my room.
The good thing is I appreciate and thank to my mahallah.
Feel more comfortable...
Feel like I'm the first year student???? erk! okay, sorry!=p

FYP!!! Stands for Final Year Project.
Today I've been chasing the lecturers di Mechatronics Dept.
And we've got a title : "Development of a system for remote mannevering of motorized vehicles".
Then, what came to my mind?--------------> a car toys called TAMIYA that I played during my childhood...hahaha TADAA~~~ just wait n see ~~,

Orite! OFF TO GO!! =)

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