Monday, January 19, 2009


Salam to my blog viewers...
Alhamdulillah, last weekend was the 4th week of Semester II. Two events blasted by HEWI PERKEPISMA are now over. It seem like I’m started to miss fellows of Masterskill College at Cheras.

-at Atikah’s house-

Well, this is the first trial for me as well as other HEWIs to move one step forward. Past two to three years back was my hibernation period ;p Still thinking what to do, searching for the suitable state for our HEWI here. I knew I’m taking quite a long time for all of this, but for me I can’t do anything without having good plan and considering HEWIs situation here make my mind blocked at some stage. And for myself, I’m not really well-prepared. Because this is not only about HEWIs, but it is all about our ummah and muslimah.

Maybe because of new resolution of mine in 2009, I’ve team up with others. Our first official program for HEWI this year was JANATAQWA (JTQ) HEWI 1 which was held at Musolla Mahallah Asma’, IIUM, Gombak on the 16th January 2009. Seven HEWIs took part in this first session of JTQ – 3 from Masterskill and 4 from IIUM (sounds like seven dwarfs…hehe) . Well, initially my aimed for JTQ was to establish discussion team for HEWI (aka ‘usrah HEWI’) . After having HEWI induction past several weeks, I think I have to build one for PERKEPISMA. At least, once a month and I combine it with Qiammulail.

-focusing on Kuliah Subuh by Eda-

On the next day, 17th January 2009, we’ve proceed with Ziarah Kampus where our destination was Masterskill College. Before exit IIUM campus, we’re having campus tour.

-tengok jgn tak tengok-


The journey to Masterskill supposedly took approximately 2 hours, but because some circumstances, all of us arrived at 5.30pm. It was so grateful after meeting all of Atikah’s housemates. All of them were very friendly until at one stage I don’t know which one to entertain first. Having a very nice ‘Sup Manok’ (which I planned to cook them earlier but eventually it already cooked…huhu) with 11 persons there will not be forgetful.

At night, since I was tooooooo worried and tooooooo busy about the next program preparation, -_-“, I asked Eda took over me. I don’t want the moment like this is wasted because I really could not focusing on them.

Eda made informal occasion with them, discussing, questioning and answering about…..hmmm… everything I guess… Observing them, Eda was just like a mother delivering her bedtime stories to her children…hehehe Lucky, neither one of them fall asleep. ;p

-in front of SHAS mosque-

-at the main stair-

-tengah jeraya indah-

-video clip session??-


Thank you Allah, Thank you Allah, Thank you Allah for giving us strength to make up all of this. There are peoples once they know something, they try so hardly to know it deeply. And there are also peoples who know everything, but acting like they know nothing. Wallahua’lam


Siti Nurbaya said...

Way to go, PERKEPISMIAN Hewi! Keep up the spirit!



Azrul bin Jaini said...


Can you please define what is "HEWI"?
Because someone who doesn't know might curious to find the answer.

But please, don't derive into a mathematical model =p


Salam...Sorry for that..

HEWI is the short form of "Hal Ehwal Siswi" which focus on handling programs for the sisters. Move under Majlis HEWI PKPIM (Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia) and other BGN(Badan Gabungan Negeri) and campus.

It is a loooooong story.
So, if anyone out there love to know more about HEWI and anything related to it, kindly mail me at:

Thanx (n_n)